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School Rules

MGDC Rules & Regulations

Code of Conduct
Each and every students are abided by the certain Code of Conduct of college.
  1. Students must come to the college in prescribed Dress-Code.
  2. Students must bring with them their Identity Cards.
  3. 75% of attendance is essential for appearing the Degree Exam. »4) Language Lab with Computers and Visual system.
  4. Monthly Test, assessment and Test Examinations are mandatory for all students to appear and secure qualifying marks.
  5. Students are not allowed to use Mobile Phones inside the college campus.
  6. Students are warned not to de-face the walls by writings, sticking, posters or spilting.
  7. It is our collective responsibility to keep the campus clean, green and polythin free.

In the form of fines, expulsion, rustication for violation of college rules and bad conduct.
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